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In indices trading, traders attempt to speculate on price
movements of stock indices to make profit. Indices
traders can either focus on a single index, or diversify
and trade various indices as part of a wider strategy.

Indices are not bought or sold like stock or a commodity
as they have no physical basis to trade, and are only
the indicators of the price movements of several assets.
Instead, to speculate on the movement of a number of
indices, traders use derivatives like EFTs, CFDs and
index futures. Indices price movements are impacted
by political, economic factors, as well as industry
specific factors, among many others.

Indices offer the best way to measure the performance
of an industry sector. OGS offers Top indices from
exchanges all over the world.

Most Popular Indices

  • FTSE100
  • SPX500
  • Dow Jones
  • DAX30
  • DJIA
  • ITA40
  • CAC40
  • RUSSELL2000